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My name is Bela and I'm a spunky California gal who came home to Mexico starting in the 60s. I have been living in beautiful San Cristobal de Las Casas for 28 years and dearly love this little cultural cosmopolitan of southern Mexico. The state of Chiapas is truly remarkable and unforgettable in its distinct historical, cultural, and natural richness. Our B&B family started with Manuela, originally from the village of Chanal, and Martin, from the village of Oxchuc, and has grown to include their daughter Teresa (our on-site masseuse), four extra friendly pups, and our incredible frequently-returning guests who make Bela's B&B their second home. We proudly speak English, Spanish, and Tzeltal in our household!


Our Bed and Breakfast has been bringing us joy for 10+ years. We gratefully have a well-respected local reputation and are known for fostering a cozy, charismatic hosting experience with special attention to all the little details that make your stay restful and one of a kind. Plus, our location is truly unbeatable. At Bela's Bed & Breakfast, you'll find hummingbirds buzzing among our flowers, soft wind chimes clinging in the breeze, a warm fire blazing by the kitchen table, and a comfy bed calling your name for a toasty night's sleep. TripAdvisor ranks us in the Top 20 Bed and Breakfast in all of Mexico, and has awarded us the Traveler's Choices award for 10+ years.

As your main host, I never shy away from a good conversation and am more than happy to extend our expertise in planning your trip itinerary. We will gladly assist you in creating your own unique San Cristobal experience and can connect you to array of close local friends who are seasoned guides, renowned artisans, trusted chauffeurs, etc. Whatever your interests may be, we are here to help create an ideal and charming getaway. We cannot wait to meet you and make you feel at home the instant you open our doors. 

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